Air Mole 100MSN

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Main characteristics of Aero Moles:

  • Possible to perforate rocks and gravel ground layer
  • Small-diameter, high-power
  • Lightweight, low price
  • New type tool head made air mall  more durable
  • Triple screw-type valve forward /backward switching more rapid and reliable
  •  Getting out the tool head part and driving in into the pipe anchor of the unit body or lifting pipe anchor were prevented
  • Piston valve complete and other parts are compatible with the old model
  • Smooth  driving in, contact with pipe anchor is safe


Outer diameter  92 m/m
Total length  1500 m/m
Weight  45 kg
Piston diameter  78 m/m
Blowing speed 600 b.p.m.
Using air pressure  0.69 Mpa (7.0 kgf/min)
Air consumption 3.0 м³
Air supply hose inside diameter 19 m/m
Average perforation speed 40 m/hr

Types of works:

  • Anchor setting
  • Construction of underground structure such as a crossing structure under the roadlway
  • Drainage port or water drain system construction
  • Propulsion method of construction with pilot
  • Well bowling
  • Construction of crossing structure under the raillways

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