Air auger drill

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Most suitable for drilling holes for anchoring in tunnel and hill slope.  Optional: Air Leg support and water swivel atachment.  Auger drilling  is used for soft unconsolidated material or weak weathered rock.  Soil is lifted up the borehole by the blade of the screw. Fast and cheap drilling method.


Name / Size / Type

Rotation speed, rpm Approx. weight, kg
Air auger drill    
     Furukawa AA-1 900 8.8
     Toku TAA-400 1200 10.2
     Oil / bulb set for the auger    
Auger drill tip tool    
     Auger (Φ 100) mounting attachment (body welding cost included)    
     Auger Φ 100 × ℓ 900    
     Φ 100 carbide tips with drill point for the auger (with B / N)    
     Extension auger Φ 100 × ℓ 900    
Air swivel CP auger (shank is not included)    
Air swivel for shank (wet shank)    
Dry shank (for Furukawa / Toku)    
Screw bit 42 mm · 50 mm (special order)    
Spiral rod 1.0 m · 1.5 m    
Rod connection    

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