Electric impact wrench

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Electric impact wrench provided by Makita and Hitachi.

Electric impact wrench

Name / Size / Type Approx. weight, kg
Hitachi WR14VB (for M16, shank 12.7) 2.2
Hitachi WH22 (for M22, shank 19.0) 5.0
Makita 6905B (for M16, shank 12.7) 2.7
Makita 6906 (for M22, shank 19.0) 5.0

Baby hoist

Name / Size / Type Approx. weight, kg
Electric hoist winch (single-phase 100V)  
Fuji Silver hoist VX-200 17
(Hanging 200 kg, rainproof type)  
Fuji Silver hoist SX-101 37
(Hanging 150 kg, rainproof, dust-proof type)  


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