Monorail Systems

Mountain Monorail System is a modern logistics conclusion for transportation in mountain or hilly areas.  This mode of transportation is relatively unknown outside the Asian region.  Especially, this technology has been highly developed in severe mountain conditions of Japan.  Transportation of loads and manpower becomes complicated during construction under the conditions of elevation change and high natural hazards, and it can lead to increased transportation costs.  Being an alternative to temporary technological roads and ropeways, it significantly reduces working expenses.  It is ecologically friendly, could be installed and removed quickly.
Monotec International installs monorails not only all around Japan (Tohoku region, Kanto region and Southeast Japan), but also carries out international projects.  For example, around 300 hundred meters of mono-railway was installed in Chelyabinsk region (Central Russia) right at the bottom of Ural Mountains.  The types of the monorails installed included both passenger and freight car and were used to deliver construction materials and workers to the top of the slope, where the site was located. 
However, recently Monorail came into use not only in the construction, but also in tourism, agriculture, social care and other fields.  An Italian businessman installed several mono-railway lines in his vineyard to carry boxes with bunches of grapes to the storage.  He might have been the first in his field who found and adapted this new technology in Italy.  He significantly reduced logistic timing, which had positive effect for his business. 

Main features of Monorail Systems:

  • Installation of temporary monorail systems requires a minimum of preliminary works;
  • An installation team of 4 people can install 50 running meters of monorail per day;
  • It is not necessary to cut down the woods for the construction, thus preserving the natural landscape and not exposing soil to erosion;
  • It does not require concrete works or construction of retaining walls;
  • Installation of elements of the monorail systems requires minimal number of anchors;
  • Heavy machinery is not required;
  • Loading capacity of monorail can reach 3 tons, which is comparable to cargo capacity of a truck on a sloping road;
  • Loads transportation is possible on the slopes with an angle up to 45 degrees;
  • Monorail systems can easily cope with difficult terrain. Route of the monorail system can follow curves of the terrain with a minimum of turning radius 6 of meters;
  • Components are easily replaceable;
  • Can be operated without a driver in the “lift” mode;
  • Can be used for both loads and manpower transportation;
  • Significant cost reduction of technological road construction;
  • Average exploitation life is 5 years.

Who is a Monorail Expert?
Monorail expert, based on practical experience, must demonstrate ability both to install rail construction with monorail, as well as to maintain it to ensure safety driving.  Monorail expert's licence seekers must attend a course of lectures and successfully pass a written test.  Please contact our managers for more information.