About us

Monotec International Company, based in Tokyo, is interested in cooperation and providing construction works on the slopes with various engineering slope stabilization and reconstruction works as a primary activity area:

- falling rocks prevention;

- landslide and snow slide protection by installation of various types of nets, panels, fence or guards, anti-avalanche structures, rock fixing cables etc.;

- engineering constructions to protect automobile roads and other objects from natural disasters.

As a component part of these works we also provide various accompanying engineering works such as deforestation, anchoring, constructions removal and drilling (including deep drilling).
Providing services on the steep slopes in severe conditions we frequently use Mountain Monorail Systems.  This is a modern logistics conclusion for transportation materials and workers to the construction site, placed in mountain or hilly areas.
This mode of transportation is relatively unknown outside the Asian region.  Especially, this technology has been highly developed in severe mountain conditions of Japan.  Recently monorail came into use not only in the construction, but also in tourism, agriculture, social care and other fields.
Monotec International Company with 30 years experience has regular-base team of engineers with 1st-Class and 2nd-Class monorail expert’s license, who can support every client’s needs.

We provide services not only within Japan, but also take part in internationals projects in Republic of Kazakhstan, Russian Federation, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and other countries.  We aim to introduce these modern Japanese technologies to the whole World.